Colca Canyon - Canyon del Colca - Arequipa

“Beautiful place... BUT awful experience ”

The 2-days trek in the Canyon of Colca deserves to be done (preferably on your own) but you need to be aware of everything that you will find, or not find over there. 

- No ATMs or casas de cambio
- very little food (after a hole day spent hiking in the sun it is not acceptable)
- overpriced water (12 soles for 2,5 liters)
- 5 soles for every liter of BOILED water, not even fresh. 
- Dirty pools that you can't even enjoy seeing the time you usually get there
- No hot water
- Careless guides. They don't actually tell you anything about the place you are at and are completely useless for the trek. We've met a few and not one was either pleasant nor kind. Even annoying if you had a faster or slower pace than the rest of the group.
- No breakfast included before the 3 hours hike on the second day (you leave at 5 a.m.) again, not acceptable when you have to walk 5 km for a 1000 mt of ascent.

Do it yourself, it's gonna be way much better.