Iguazu falls - Cataratas de Iguazu - Foz

If you're planning to visit both sides of the fall I suggest you to be careful with your timing. 

- Argentina: requires way more time than the Brazilian side (minimum 4.5 hours at a good speed).

- Lower circuit: doable in 50 minutes, 1 hour tops. 
- Upper circuit: doable in 1 hour (approximately)
- Garganta del Diablo: 10 minutes by train from the intermediate station + 20/25 minutes of walking. 

MIND that trains leave every hour at minutes 15 and 45. Last train to leave for Garganta del Diablo is at 4.15 pm. Last train to leave for the Central Station from the Garganta is at 5.30 pm. 

Cost: 260 pesos each person. 

Change money BEFORE gettin to the Park. Credit cards are not accepted. Ask your taxi to stop on the way. 

- Brasil: the whole tour is made up of only one trail. Takes about 1 hour in total.

- Cost: 45 reais for each person.