Cafayate - Salta in one day

The Ruta 40 is the longest road in Argentina (and one of the longest in the whole world). Driving along its path is something that you won't easily forget. For someone who likes to drive in a "sporty" kind of way or that has a passion for motorcycling this is the place to be. With basically no one else around you can appreciate the beauty of this unique landforms and pretend you're driving on Mars or that you ended up in some sort of Star Wars alternate universe.

Do it yourself and resent any kind of rented van. You won't regret it.

🚗 Suggested itinerary (Cafayate - Salta):

Have an early breakfast ☕️🍩 at your hostel and go for petrol ⛽️ in Cafayate. You must leave between 8.30-9.30 AM.

Drive through the Quebradas - along Ruta 40 - until Molinos where you'll ideally arrive for lunch. Here you can either eat at Restaurante Los Tres Chinos or in front of the church in the lovely Hacienda de Molinos (get one starter each to save up and fill the rest with the awesome 🍞).

Continue on for a few kilometers until you can take a right turn on Ruta Provincial 42. Here you'll drive along the outer part of the Nacional Los Cardones and will be rewarded with alien-like landscapes.

Take another right turn on Ruta 33 and drive along the Cuesta Del Obispo. If you keep following this road you'll end up back on Ruta 68 straight for Salta.

It can all be done in one day, given that you have an early start and don't stop every 30 seconds or two hours for lunch.

However, keep in mind that ending up with a flat tire might not be so uncommon so plan it carefully!

Total hours of the trip (11 approximately) 


- Rental car: 50-70 USD per day

- Petrol needed: 30 USD (VISA is the most accepted form of payment)

- Use as a navigator and bring with you loads of water

- Get a Volcan de Queso at the Hacienda de Molinos (cash only below 500$ AR)